Cockroach infestation services in Fredericksburg, Woodbridge & Sterling, VA

Just about everyone knows what a cockroach looks like - they are everywhere. While it is often jokingly stated that if anything could survive a nuclear war - a cockroach could, the idea is clear - they are real survivors.

Once there is a cockroach infestation, it can be very hard to get rid of them - especially if your home is joined to someone else's. Cockroaches multiply very fast, and they also have an ability to adapt quickly, too. This makes it imperative to talk to a pest control agency quickly if you see them in your home or business.

There are over 4,000 different varieties of cockroaches, but only about 30 of them can comfortably live with humans. This number can be reduced down to only 4 varieties which are the main kinds that cause problems in homes and businesses in America.

The 4 main kinds are the American, the German, the Asian, and the Oriental cockroaches. These vary in size from about 1/2" (the German) up to 2" (the American). In America, the one that is most common in homes would be the German variety.

Cockroaches increase in number at a very rapid rate. The German cockroach female lives about 200 days. With each egg case that she lays, there will be between 30-50 eggs. In her lifetime, she will produce between 4 to 6 egg cases - which means up to 300 more cockroaches. The German cockroach produces young at a faster rate than other cockroaches.

Once cockroaches infest a home, they often are rarely seen. Part of the reason for this is because they are nocturnal, and a second reason is because they tend to hide. They can live up to a month with little or no food, but can also survive by eating book bindings, furniture glue, soap, dead insects, shoe linings, and more.

The presence of cockroaches can lead to a definite impression of uncleanness - especially if your guests see them. The truth is that it is not necessarily uncleanliness that will produce a cockroach manifestation - but it will cause it to be much harder to get rid of them. The presence of cockroaches can also lead to health problems - including asthma in children.

If you have seen cockroaches around your home or business, you should eliminate them as quickly as possible. Remember that they increase in numbers very fast. Chances are - if you see one or two - that there may be a hundred more that you have not seen yet.

Contact us today for a free estimate about removing your cockroach infestation. We know how to get rid of them - and the sooner you let us start - the sooner your problem will be gone.