Protect Your Family From COVID-19

Protect Your Family From COVID-19

Schedule Coronavirus sanitizing services in Fredericksburg, Woodbridge & Sterling, VA

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, you've heard about the importance of sanitizing everything. But there's another way you can help keep your home virus-free. CSI Home & Commercial Services is now offering COVID-19 sanitizing services for homeowners in Fredericksburg, Woodbridge and Sterling, VA.

For $195, we'll provide top-notch sanitation services that cover every room in your home. To learn more about our sanitizing services, contact us today.

3 tips for protecting your household from COVID-19

Our crew will spray an EPA-registered product into your HVAC ductwork that can kill viruses like COVID-19. Once there's a fine mist in the duct system, the sanitation solution will spread throughout your home and leave behind a fresh, clean smell.

After you get sanitation services, here are other tips you can follow to keep your home clean:

  1. Sanitize commonly touched items and appliances regularly
  2. Increase your home's ventilation by opening windows
  3. Avoid touching your face, especially after going out

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