Moth removal in Fredericksburg, Woodbridge & Sterling, VA

By the time you see moths in your home, it likely means they have found something that they like to eat. Fortunately, their feeding choices are rather limited and you can usually find where they are feeding rather quickly.

Moths that are found in a home are generally one of two basic kinds, either a food eating moth or a fabric eating moth. A food eating moth, which is the most common, will most likely be found in a pantry. A fabric eating moth will most likely be found in your closet.

Food eating moths come in a variety of types, but all of them can generally be found be in a pantry, kitchen cabinets, near pet food, or near a garbage can. They especially like to eat various grains, cereals, flour, pastas, powdered milk, bird seed, and other similar foods. These foods are much more likely to attract moths if they are not stored in air-tight containers.

Moth eggs are laid in or near these foods. The eggs will develop into larvae which will start eating the food. In their immature stages, you are unlikely to see them because they will be close to the same color as the food they are in.

The most common type of food moth is the Indian meal moth, which is also referred to as the North American High-Flyer. It is also the most destructive. The larva is often referred to as "waxworms" and these moths are also sometimes called flour moths or pantry moths. A female Indian meal moth can lay up to 300 eggs at one time. As adults, they grow to be about 1/2 inch long.

Fabric moths include the webbing moth and the casemaking moth. Both of these moths are only about 1/4 inch long, and do not like to be seen, and rarely are. Generally, the only way you will know that these moths are present is when you see holes in your fabric.

Pest Management Professionals have the knowledge to rid your house of moths. They will go directly to the source of the problem, where the eggs are being laid. Call a Pest Control company today to help eliminate the moths in your home.