Stop Termites in Their Tracks

Stop Termites in Their Tracks

Turn to the termite treatment pros in Fredericksburg, Woodbridge & Sterling, VA

Don't ignore the termites in your home. They can chew through all kinds of wooden surfaces and cause major damage to your property. Contact us as soon as you think you might have a termite infestation. We have the tools and experience needed to detect, treat and destroy termite infestations.

CSI Home & Commercial Services offers the latest termite control treatment methods in Fredericksburg, Woodbridge and Sterling, VA, including traditional liquid treatments, standard baiting programs, pre-construction treatment of wood and advance-warning monitoring programs. Our termite treatment will keep termites from returning to your home, too.

Be on the lookout for signs of a termite infestation

Choose CSI Home & Commercial Services for termite control services in Fredericksburg, Woodbridge, Sterling, VA and surrounding areas. Termite infestations aren't always easy to spot, but the signs can include:


  • Tiny holes in wood
  • Sagging floors and hollow wood
  • The presence of termite wings
  • Piles of termite frass
  • Shelter tubes




Call today to schedule termite treatment services.